Chain Aye Na - Let's Give it the Attention it Deserves

You all must have been through the torture of watching the trailer of Syed Noor‘s upcoming film ‘Chain Aye Na.’ At first we thought we didn’t need to talk about it. It has been made fun of enough already (not really – it deserves more). But then we thought may be talking about it will help us recover since it’s good to talk about feelings to overcome them. And so we decided to write this post as a means of helping ourselves. Let’s go over a few screenshots captured from the trailer for those who have missed out on it.

21st century Romance

Pleasing visuals

Cigarettes making people look cool since never

Whiplash – Syed Noor’s version

The ultimate way to woo a girl

Georges Méliès’s ‘A Trip to the Moon’ from the year 1902 had better lighting and art direction. And a better plot too. Syed Noor needs to understand that shooting crap on camera and releasing it in cinemas doesn’t make him a filmmaker. And he needs to understand the market he is catering to. He was able to keep doing what he did back in the 90s and the early 2000s but after some really good Pakistani films being released and with cinemas playing foreign films, the audience from the cities is now educated enough to not buy such crap.

We have some questions for Syed Noor that we need answers for.

  • Does Syed Noor watch films made by other people?
  • Is he aware a film can have any story and doesn’t have to have a clichéd love story?
  • Is he aware there has been a lot of development in film equipment?
  • Does he know ‘art direction’ is a thing?
  • Does he know ‘lighting’ is a very important part of filming a scene?
  • Why doesn’t anyone tell him all that? Has anyone ever tried?

The audio and music of the film are other painful chapters that we don’t even want to open. Let’s see how Syed Noor himself described the film in trailer..

Clichéd is the word

They probably meant lust but didn’t want to come out as soft porn

Sacrifice of your kid’s red poster paints

Yeap, hating the protagonist makes him a very bad guy

Saying it’s lovely won’t actually make it lovely

We have one more question for Syed Noor..

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