Pakistan Ka Dastarkhwan - A buffet of disappointment

What is the one thing everyone hates? Answer: Waiting.

And what is the one thing everyone hates more than waiting? Answer: Waiting for food!

According to its Facebook event page, Pakistan Ka Dastarkhwan was going to be the biggest buffet festival in Karachi, with over a hundred mouth-watering dishes from all across Pakistan to celebrate the nation and its flavorsome food. Sounds exciting, right? It did to us too and so we reached at Expo on 12th of May at 7 pm. Even the ticket, priced at Rs. 1500/- plus tax, seemed very reasonable in front of the number of dishes that were supposed to be served.

But all things don’t go as planned – and Pakistan Ka Dastarkhwan was one of them. Though it did start timely at 7:30 pm – if by starting we mean letting people inside – the food wasn’t served until about 8:20 pm. Even then, the food served was so little that people wander around carrying empty plates. The lucky ones with food probably compromised on having Student biryani and dahi baray from Fresco as they could each be found in 4 to 5 serving dishes out of the hundred. We don’t understand why serving Karachiites two of its most famous dishes in that much abundance seemed like a good idea. Anyway, moving on, dumpakht was served once only and half of the dishes stayed empty even after 9:30 pm (watch the video on our instagram here). The same food kept repeating and above all, dishes were labelled wrong.

We never knew Sajji looked so much like Biryani..

What’s special from Green Karhai from Pahar Ganj? It’s RED!

But, but, that’s not how it looks when we buy it from Mazedar Haleem..

The biggest disappointment was that there were no Student biryani labelled dish with Chicken Sajji inside – those had Student Biryani too! Ugh okay, Karachiites love biryani but if we wanted to have it, we could have just had it for under Rs. 200! In short, Pakistan ka Dastarkhwan was nothing but a disaster. There were hardly about 25 food items placed in 75 dishes.

We really hope the organizers can actually deliver what they promised sometime in future, because the idea is undoubtedly cool. If that happens, we will go again for a review – but with a full stomach!

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