Success Story: Hasan Rizvi

‘Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.’

Most people wait for a chance to take a big step, but Hasan Rizvi has adopted the above words as his mantra. CEO of one of Pakistan’s biggest PR Company; Bodybeat Events & PR, Hasan Rizvi’s journey is paved with opportunities that he created for himself with his out-of-the-box ideas and sheer hard work.

From Hasan Rizvi’s latest photo shoot

Bodybeat Events & PR has revolutionized PR in Pakistan with its unending streak of successful events and campaigns for various brands among which Levi’s, Spectre, X-men, Walls – Karo Kuch Khaas, Avengers, Bold, Cornetto Pop Rock, Pepsi Unplugged, and Ariel Wash the Label are just a few names. Last year Bodybeat set the Guinness World Record for Lifebuoy’s campaign of Global Hand Washing Day where over twenty-thousand people learned to wash their hands the right way – an achievement indeed!

This year Bodybeat Events & PR launched Bold Men Awards. Bold Men Awards are being held to acknowledge the contribution made by men of immense talent working in various fields for the growth of Pakistan. Needless to say, the awards have created a thrill among the male superstars of the country and the general public alike.

Besides being the creative force behind Bold Men Awards, Hasan Rizvi also co-owns Pakistan’s revolutionary music platform Cornetto Pop Rock. Already in its second season, Cornetto Pop Rock has established the ground for the revival of Pakistan’s music culture as it was in the ’90s – the glorious ’90s when local music was a source of inspiration for the youth. Cornetto Pop Rock’s first season, with tens of millions of views, earned Google Award for 4th Most Watched Video on YouTube in Pakistan for its video ‘Desan Da Raja’ and PAS award for the category ‘Best in Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert’ in 2016. Not to mention, Bodybeat Events & PR also created buzz for the grand finale of Veet Miss Super Model and Pakistan’s biggest fashion show Bridal Couture Week.

According to Hasan Rizvi, the philosophy behind each campaign Bodybeat Events & PR has done, has been to do something mind-blowing each time, something that redefines PR in Pakistan. For him, it is very important for him to be passionate about what the campaign revolves around. Hasan’s passion for music can be clearly seen behind platforms like Pepsi Unplugged, Levi’s and Cornetto Pop Rock.

With fashion, music, and entertainment already under his belt, we wonder what Hasan will pull out from his hat next!

Hasan Rizvi summarizes his success in words as: ‘The oomph factor is what drives me every day.’

From Hasan Rizvi’s latest photo shoot

From Hasan Rizvi’s latest photo shoot

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