Surf Excel rekindles the spirit of Ramadan

Ramadan envelops everything in its colors. When this holy month arrives, everything becomes Ramadan-centric. From bringing big and small changes to our routine, to the content we see on national channels, everything reflects the observance, we as Muslims, make during the whole month.

Advertising, too, becomes much different in Ramadan. What is sold all year with music and fun is promoted through a different image this time of the year. Being a fan of Ramadan campaigns (and other Ramadan content in general), it was obvious for us to get excited about the new Surf Excel ad.

The ad is our favorite as Ramadan campaigns go this year and for all the right reasons! First, there is no in-your-face advertising of the product; it is subtle yet well-established. Second, it is about celebrating and observing the month as best as it should be. And third, it gives a nice message to parents to inculcate values among children.

Surf Excel has clearly won our hearts with its amazing concept, brilliant execution and for casting the cutest kid!

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